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Jamones Joselito
Joselito Premium 2015
By Ara Malikian
Joselito Premium 2015

Limited edition of 88

guitar-shaped  cases

signed by Ara Malikian.

In 2015 Joselito celebrated the twinning with music. After the past editions in which architecture and fashion were promoted, in 2015 music was the driving force behind the case that protects these unique pieces, Joselito Ham Vintage, Vintage 2008 with 8 years of curing

Ara Malikian, a Spanish violinist of Lebanese origin, is a true lover of Jamón Joselito. Having played and starred in various concerts in the best halls and theaters worldwide, he has been able to interpret the flavor and aroma of Joselito Vintage 2008 Ham with his violin.
Ara Malikian is equally idolized by critics and the public, as a result of his music and sympathy, which make him one of the best violinists in the world. Ara Mailiakian permeates his charisma whether it's stroking Vivaldi or ripping Radiohead. Of Joselito he has offered a sound tasting, a unique and wonderful experience. And it is that this extraordinary Spanish musician of Lebanese origin is a true lover of Joselito Ham.