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Jamones Joselito
Joselito Premium 2013
Traveller’s Collection
Joselito Premium 2013

Made of noble materials

The 2013 Joselito Collection is dedicated to all world travellers. Suitcases carry our belongings, from the most everyday objects to objects that connects us to our roots. Joselito recreates in this unique edition a limited series of boots and suitcases with a retro aesthetic, which house the most exclusive Joselito pieces inside.

A complete travel collection in which the spectacular “Joselito Vintage Case” is a highlight, made with noble materials and with the unmistakable seal of Joselito in red. It is a limited edition of which only 85 units will be produced around the world.

The “Joselito Vintage Trunk” contains a gastronomic jewel inside, a Joselito 2006 Vintage Ham vintage cured for 94 months, a luxury reserved only for the most exquisite and fortunate palates in the world.

It also includes an embroidered master slicer’s apron, a top-of-the-range Porsche ham knife, a complete manual on slicing and preserving Joselito ham in several languages and a booklet of recipes from JoselitoLab by Ferran Adrià. It also features practical compartments that open inside to hold the rest of the Joselito products you wish to add.